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1. XXVMegaMix

Just what it says on the tin - a special MegaMix of three tracks from the XXV album in time to tie in with the forthcoming dates and is also available on the cover disc special editions of the CRS magazine, Fireworks and IO Pages

2. Paul and Niall made a "Big Band" remix of Monster to kick of the New Year in style ! No It's not a change of direction it's just a little bit of fun put together whilst the work on the next album gets underway.

3. Also available as a free download the song you never thought you'd hear, Black Moon!

In March 2010, less than 2 months after new vocalist Paul Mackie had joined the band, Pallas were asked by Classic Rock Presents Prog magazine to contribute a cover of an Emerson Lake and Palmer track to a CD that CRPP were planning to give away with the issue of the magazine due to coincide with ELP's reunion headline show at the High Voltage Festival.

The track Pallas chose to record for the CD was
Black Moon, the title track of ELP's 1992 reunion album. In their inimitable style Pallas gave the song a new lease of life taking the tune in a far heavier, rockier direction than the original. It would also mark Paul Mackie's recording début with the band.

To cut a long story short, due to legal issues regarding publishing and copyright the CD never saw the light of day and the track was shelved as Pallas set about the recording of XXV.

Now it has been decided to finally release this lost piece of Pallas history as a FREE download.

4. Atlantean - The potential opener for the XXV album and current intro for live dates, why not add this to album track list on your mp3 player!


Only available directly from this website and on tour!

We are delighted to be able to announce that both the DVD and Audio from our performance at Loreley in September 2010 are now exclusively available through this website and at the merchandise stand on the forthcoming tour.


Available for download now is the full set from the Loreley gig, along with the XXV MegaMix and for a limited time only a wee mystery track ! The track listing is:

The Cross and The Crucible, For the Greater Glory, Executioner, Rat Racing, Ghostdancers, Midas Touch, Falling Down, Monster, Young God, Violet Sky, The Atlantis Suite, Sanctuary, Cut and Run, XXV MegaMix and "?"

Please go to the Downloads page (link) for more details and samples.


We released some of the tracks as the bonus disc for the XXV special edition and thus this release is 'part 2' or II using the roman numerals as we have been with XXV ! The track listing is:-

The Cross and The Crucible, For the Greater Glory, Executioner, Rat Racing, Ghostdancers, Midas Touch, Rise and Fall, East West, March on Atlantis Atlantis, Sanctuary and Cut and Run. With a slide show extra to an instrumental version of Something in The Deep.

Please go to the Merchandise page (
link) for more details