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Currently most of the band's cds are out of stock but in the meantime we have the special
Reel and Raw and Sentinel Demoes mp3cds.
  • Reel and Raw MP3CD
    Reel and Raw MP3CD

    Reel & Raw MP3CD

    As the title "Reel and Raw" suggests it captures the band live and as live at the rehearsal with no overdubs, multitracking or going back to fix the odd glitch.

    The "Reel", as in reel to reel, section was recorded a few days before the gig at The Mill recording studio where the band are also working on the new album "XXV". Four tracks from the new album are featured in the current live set so Reel and Raw allows a sneak preview that only hints at what is to come. XXV is conceived as a follow up to The Sentinel set 25 years later when mankind has not lived up to their potential. Developments of familiar musical and lyrical themes will be heard on Young God and Fall & Rise and Violet Sky is probably destined to be a full blown Pallas classic though the current version is stripped of its rather special big ending, we can't be giving away all our secrets just yet!

    The "Raw" section was recorded directly from the soundboard and ambient microphones at The Tunnels, a venue under the main street of the bands home town of Aberdeen reminiscent of some of the great club venues the band has played in Europe, with the same great atmosphere too, quite a night to remember and well worth sharing with you we think!
    Audio samples of all the tracks are available on the downloads pages.

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